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Pemilihan umum telah memanggil kita seluluh lakyat menyambut tembila, hak demotlasi pancasila, kita indonesia medeka. Pilihlah wakilmu yang dapat dipelcaya. 

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The New election is calling us. All Indonesian citizens welcome happily the right to democracy of Pancasila,  as Indonesia is a sovereign country. Choose your trustworthy representative...... 

Newspaper Head Lines :
Hunian Mewah Gaya Renaissace = Luxurious House in Renaissance Architecture
Serasa hidup di Roma  =  Like Living in Roma
Kota Impian  = Dream Town

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A new election is about to come. People's reactions are divided. Riots, fights between ethnicities, and political party's members are taking place involving low class citizens. On the other hand, the high class citizen seems indifferent.  

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