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Upper Intermediate Thai-FLTH

Course Texts and materials
E-texts: go to; select Thai Language; select Thai Literature; select "The Capital" and other related stories dealing with urban life.  There will be other materials that comprise background reading that you will xerox from a master copy.  You should also have access to good dictionaries, such as the Mary Haas  Thai-English Student's Dictionary, or the  Royal Institute Thai-Thai Dictionary. 

Attendance and Participation
The first requirement for a good seminar such as this one on Thai urban life, is that we always show up and come prepared to talk with each other about the days' reading or other assignment.  One unexcused absence is allowed.  Beyond that, your grade will be affected.

Leading a Class Discussion
At some point during the semester, each of you will lead a class discussion based on a portion of the readings.  You will be expected to give a summary of part or all of a story and then to come up with good questions.  You will be required to e-mail the class by the evening before, giving the rest of us some indication of what you want to focus the discussion on.   Discussion will be held in Thai as much as possible.  Because the e-texts are in both Thai and English, some introductory discussion can be in English.

Written Work
1) Each of you will compile a word list of new vocabulary and definitions.  They can be the words in Thai with an English definition or the words and definition both in Thai.  You will be tested on this list of words as part of a mid-term and final.

2) In addition, you will write a summary (1-3 pages) of a short story for the mid-term and final. You are encouraged to make your summary a "critical review," that is offer your opinion on the book.

3) You will be required to translate portion of the second story, "Baan Rao Yoo Nai Nee: Soi Dieo Kan" by Wanich Jarungkitanand.

4) Each of you will find advertisements in Thai newspapers in the library that list places to live:  apartments, condos, houses.  Select a few ads, xerox them, find their locations on a map of the city, pick one place you would live and be prepared to tell the class (presentation) why you have made that choice and what you might recommend to others.

As an alternative to writing a short story summary, you can create a web page with text and pictures related to the topic of  Thai urban life.  You will receive assistance in doing this.  Let us know soon in the semester so that we can set up a site and training session for you.