1947, with explanation

Peace Corps, Sungai Penchala Malaysia 1968-ish; buying bread after rain, with chickens and cats.

Gunung Bromo, Gunung Semeru in the the background, 1976;
aka how we almost lost Jennifer (in an East Javanese latrine, among other places.)

The SEAsite team, ca. 1997?; John Hartmann, Jim Henry, Patricia Henry, with the oldest computer in the world in the background

Return to Sungai Pencala, 2010

2010; school that used to be one story and very simple (compare with Peace Corps picture, above)

2010; evidence that cute kids prevail in Sungai Pencala, whatever the year.

Where we lived in 1968-1970, Sungai Pencala 2010

Voting for something that probably didn't pass, University Council 2010? 2011?


I am pretty sure -- not positive -- that the tunnel shown at the end of this ad is through the hill we would ride over coming back to Sungai Penchala from Kuala Lumpur on our little motorbike in 1968-70.