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Kebun Hikmah (Episodes 1-6, Episodes 10-30).
The Garden of Wisdom. This program is syndicated nationally and internationally (Malaysia and Singapore). In the program, Aa Gym is accompanied by a co-host, who reads verses from the Koran and/or Hadith (a collection of stories relating words or deeds of Prophet Mohammad) pertaining to the subjects of the day. Audience members are given the opportunity to ask questions about life and get answers from the host. What makes it interesting is that the questions reveal the common concerns and desires of average Indonesian people across religious, ethnic, and regional boundaries

Keluarga Senyum (Epsiodes 1-24, Episodes 28-40).
Smiling Family. This is a family situational comedy. The family of Mr. and Mrs. Salam is very respectable in their village. They always smile thus earning them the nickname of the smiling family. Like most situational comedy programs, it is critical. The dialog, which is a mix of Sundanese (the vernacular language of West Java) and Indonesian languages, is critical toward the local government of West Java, the Indonesian government, and conditions in Indonesia in general.

Salma (Episodes 1-4).
Salma is a drama series. Salma, the central figure of the story, has to deal with marital problems similar to those anywhere in the world. She is a teacher and a single mother, who has to deal with her estranged husband, who has taken up a second wife. The drama is not only about polygamy in Indonesia, but also about the pressure that a woman has to endure for being legally married but without the presence of the husband. What is fresh in the drama is the character of Salma. She deconstructs the stereotypical image of the miserable, weak and lonely divorced Indonesian woman.

Lagu di YouTube

Arjuna mencari Cinta -- Dewa 19 -- (yang audionya lebih terang)

Sudah.... Kudaki gunung tertinggi..
Hanya untuk mencari dimana dirimu
Sudah... Kujelajahi isi bumi|
Hanya untuk dapat hidup bersamamu

Sudah ...Kuarungi laut samudera
Hanya Untuk mencari tempat melabuhmu
Tapi semakin jauh kumencari
Cinta semakin aku tak mengerti

Akulah arjuna....ah....Yang mencari cinta....Wahai wanita.....ah....Cintailah aku.....uh....

Mungkin kutak menemui cinta sejati
Saat aku hembuskan nafas terakhirku
mungkin cinta sejati memang tak ada
dalam cerita kehidupan ini

akulah arjuna....ah....yang mencari cinta....wahai wanita....ah.....cintailah aku.....
akulah arjuna.....arjuna.......akulah arjuna.....akulah.. arjunaaa.......akulah arjunaaaa.......akulah arjunaa...ah....ah....akulah arjuna......akulaharjuna...ah.....yang mencari cinta.....wahai wanita...ah....cintailah aku.....akulah arjuna..ah....yang mencari cinta.....
wahai wanita...ah....cintailah aku......