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PR untuk FLIN 103 -- Fall 2012

Course syllabus
WEEK 1 -- Review
**BUKAN vs TIDAK -- some common errors
WEEK 2 -- Review

Link to Keren! 1 website

Link to U. of Hawai'i's excellent Bahasa Indonesia site

Pronunciation exercise

Handouts for 103

Word Order exercise #1 -- If you say "saya rumah" when you should be saying "rumah saya," this is for you.

Color Exercise


Calculate your semester grade.

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Ayo berbelanja! -- a link to  Plaza Indonesia, via INDOguides.com

Indonesian ads

Indonesia expresses sympathy -- September 11, 2001

Jendela Indonesia  -- some dead links, but still good for numerous Indonesian sites.

To read about the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Bishop Carlos Belo and Josť Ramos-Horta (also, to link to the Nobel Home Page), click HERE.

To read about the reaction of the Indonesian government to the Nobel Peace Prize awards, click HERE.

To see a cartoon from the Indonesian newspaper Kompas, click HERE.