You are in an Indonesian restaurant and you are talking with the talkative waiter (A) who is wondering about you (B) who are fluently speaking Indonesian.
NOTE:  For Kerja Kelompok, divide these parts -- take turns being A & B.

A: Where are you from?

B: Say where you are originally from

A: When do you start learning Indonesian?

B: Say when you start learning Indonesian.

A: Do you like learning Indonesian?

B: Express your opinion .

A: Do you think Indonesian language is easy [gampang] or difficult [sulit]?

B: Express your opinion with "I think" or "I donít think.."

A:  What would you like to order?

B:  Say what you'd like to order.

A: Sorry, (whatever was ordered) is already finished (= we've run out of the food)

B: Express disappointment and give alternatives to the waiter.

A: The waiter is confused .

B: You deal with the confusion by clarifying what you mean.

A: Say that you understand and take the order.

B: You ask for the bill.

A: You give the bill and say thank you.