Intro and Comparison - Jessica Marchetti


In Jogjakarta there are three legitimate language programs that I know of. I attended INCULS and so know the most about it. However, I have friends who attended both Alam and Wisma. I have seen both of the schools and looked at the course books for both of these programs. Overall Alam Bahasa seems to be more professional in the way they interact with students. However, both programs seem to be effective at teaching students language skills. Compared to the INCULS program Wisma and Alam seem to have more lenient testing programs. I would recommend any of the above programs though I think INCULS might be the best pick for advanced students because it seems more intensive. However, what the student gets out of any language course in large part depends on the student's willingness to learn. Unfortunately the INCULS program is far more expensive than either Alam or Wisma. Prices, subject to change of course, they should be listed on the websites.  


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INCULS is a program at Gadjah Mada University (UGM). They have a variety of language study programs. All classes are taught by university professors. Each student is assigned a tutor who can facilitate the language study process. A typically independent study program (which is probably what you will do) includes five classes: vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar, and speaking. You will have a different professor for each course and that professor will teach their specific topic throughout the program. You will be supplied with a workbook containing materials for all of your classes. However, if need be or desired your teachers can incorporate other study materials. Through INCULS you can also incorporate cultural classes and village studies into your program (although I don't think that FLAS money is intended to cover such things). Village studies is a great program which allows you to spend an extended period of time with a rural family. It's great for language training and socialization into Indonesian culture. For instance, I spent a day with a family of salak farmers who also grew mushrooms. I had the opportunity to stay with them longer and really wanted to because they were such great people but couldn't due to time constraints. I recommend this program for advance students or for students who are willing to work diligently, professionally and who are willing to dedicate lots of time to the program. Your class schedule can be arranged to suit your needs, but this must be worked out ahead of time with the INCULS staff. The staff at INCULS is very helpful and professional. 


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For both of these programs you will be provided with workbooks. The teachers of these courses are not university professors as in the INCULS program, but they are competent teachers who have training in teaching languages. You may or may not have a different teacher for each course. Wisma and Alam seem to have a set of teachers who are capable of teaching the topics and who are assigned to teach depending on time schedules. You may or may not have the same teacher for several different topics. You may or may not always have the same teacher for a specific topic. Both of these programs seem to accommodate students requests for certain teachers to teach certain topics. Wisma and Alam also provide opportunities to their students to participate in cultural programs and they will aid you to take trips or do generally more touristy things in the area.