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Forming and Answering Questions -- FLIN 103


yes/no: APA or APAKAH (both optional)

Is Zainal an Australian?             Answer 1: No, Zainal is not an Australian.*

                                                    Answer 2: No, Zainal is an Indonesian.

Is Zainal an Indonesian?             Yes, (true), Zainal is an Indonesian.

Is there a market in your town?     (Yes,) there is; there is a market in my town.

                                                    No, there isn’t a market in my town.

Do you like to learn Indonesian language?         Yes, I like to learn Indonesian language.

                                                                        No, I don’t like to learn Indonesian language.

                                                                        No, I hate learning Indonesian language.

You like learning Indonesian language, right?     Yes, (it’s true,) I like learning Indonesian language.


*BE CAREFUL! Notice how silly it sounds if you answer the question "Is that person an Australian person?" with "No, that person is an Australian person!" instead of "No, that person is not an Australian person," or "No, he’s a Malaysian person."

"WH" Questions (what, who, how many/much, why, when, where, how, which one)

(Note that the translation is as literal as possible, which may make the word order in English sound a little strange.)

What’s the news?                         The news is good.

What is the name of that road?        The name of that road is Normal Road.

That road is named what?                 That road is named Normal Road.

That person is riding / takes (as transportation) what?    That person is riding a bus / takes the bus.

Today is what day?                             Today is Tuesday.

Mrs. Sugandi buys what?                      Mrs. Sugandi buys fish and vegetables.

What is bought by Mrs. Sugandi?    (Uncooked) rice and chicken is bought by Mrs. S.

What (=who) is the name of that person? 

                                                The name of that person is Zainal / Zainal is the name of that person.

This is whose book?                 That is my book.

What time is it now? (Lit. "The hour of how much now?")

                                                It’s ten to nine now. (Lit. "The hour of nine minus ten now")

How many hours have you studied?        I studied three hours.

Today is what date?                                 Today is the date of twenty four the month of October.

There are how many people here?        There are three people here.

Why is that person hungry?                  Because he hasn’t yet eaten today.

When do you want to go to Surabaya?        I want to go to Surabaya tomorrow.

You stay/ live at where?                           I live at (=in) DeKalb.

They are leaving to go where?                  They are leaving for school.

How are the markets in Indonesia?        The markets there are very crowded.

Which one is your house?                         My house is that one which is white.

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