Inul -- Untukmu


Hey you over there, Iím over here. 
Donít be doubtful, donít worry
Come on, everybody
join in shaking it
I offer this song
with all kinds of music
and  dances
sing sweetly
shake it passionately
dance with suppleness
my dear

there is balinese dance, there is jaipongan,
there is also the dangdut drum
Aaah, shake it
Sister also shakes it
Mama shakes it
Daddy also shakes it
Everybody, come on, shake it
I offer this song

Donít get any ideas
I sing while shaking it
And I also
still have my standards
listen to the song I sing
I hope everyoneís entertained
And one thingís for certain
Iím always grateful to God
Who loves us all
My thanks to you fans