FLIN 421/521 -- Introduction to Indonesian Literature

3 credits -- time & place TBA

This class provides exposure to and discussion of a wide variety of Indonesian literature, in translation.  Of particular interest is the role that language plays in the Malay/Indonesian world, both traditionally and in the context of the modern nation.  The course gives an overview of a variety of traditional and modern literatures, and explores the role that these literatures have played and are continuing to play in the development of Indonesian identity.  Readings range from short chants and poems to short stories and legends, and at least one novel by the renowned author, Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Students are expected to read the assigned works and participate in class discussion;  two papers of around 10 pages each will be required, one around midterm, the other at the end of the semester.

Contact Prof. Patricia Henry if interested -- we'll arrange the time and place at the beginning of the semester.

Patricia Henry
123 Watson

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