CSCI 470/680E - Java Programming



Programming in Java

CSCI 470/680E


Code Examples,  Resources, Notes, etc.

This course has TWO sources of materials:


Assignment 0:  Preparation. (No need for submission)

Assignment 1:  - Line class improvement  

Assignment 2:  -  A console application 

Assignment 3: -  A Swing applet 

Assignment 4: - A standalone GUI application 

Assignment 5: - A client using networking programming 

Assignment 6: - A network and JDBC program 


Java Site - root site. (Will redirect to the Java site in Oracle.)

Java SE 6 and 7 download - direct link to download the J2SE version and documentation.

Java Tutorials  - practical guides for using Java programming language 

Blackboard tutorial  

Code Examples and Exercises

1. Sample program illustrating the Line class - with Exercises. 

2. Sample program illustrating custom Exception class

3. Layout Manager Examples (using awt)

4. Hello World for Swing (JApplet)

5. JList Basics

6. JTable Basics

7. Sample program illustrating a Shapes class hierarchy - with Self-Study Exercises.  Look at this after inheritance and polymorphism have been discussed in class.

8. DataShadowing and Polymorphism test program

9a. Simple Animation Program - using Swing.  Draws from run(). Source code.
9b. Simple Animation Program - executable

10a. Simple Animation Program - using awt and repaint() from a run() loop.  Source code.   
10b. Simple Animation Program Demo - executable.

11. MediaTracker Demonstration illustrating error detection, with source code.

12. Client / Server Programs


1. Java Coding and Documentation Style Guidelines - read these several times during the semester

2. Formatting Numeric Strings

3. The Java Listener Interfaces and their Methods

4. Java Object Serialization - the basics

5. JDBC Notes - the basics of JDBC and how to run a JDBC program on using the mysql database system

6. Applet Security and Appletviewer

7. Three articles on Interfaces, polymorphism, etc.  Read the first two for background and the third for insights

Graduate Presentations

Presentation Guidelines
Presentation Topics

Additional JDBC Stuff

Connecting to a Microsoft Access Database - just for your information

More Resources - a Webzine about Java with reviews, articles, tutorials, etc.  Has search engine.  Good source of info for graduate reports.

Cafe Au Lait - Java News, opinions, tutorials, book reviews, etc. by Elliotte Rusty Harold. Good. Updated daily.

Power Point OOP (IE only; just an experiment in PowerPoint)

HTML Guides

HTML Topic Tutorials - excellent step-by-step tutorials (with viewable examples at each step) for adding Frames and Tables to your Web pages.