An Introduction to Southeast Asia

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Matabungkay, Philippines

On this site we present a discussion and some pictures of various aspects of life in Southeast Asia. The materials presented are an adaptation of lectures presented by professors at Northern Illinois University as part of an interdisciplinary, general education course offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Course Syllabus

Research Assignments for students in ILAS 225 - Choose one of the three short web courses below:

The Art and Culture of Burma: An Introductory Course

Cambodian Recent History and Contemporary Society: An Introductory Course

East Timor: An Introduction to Southeast Asia's Youngest Nation

Lecture Titles:  

Professor Richard Cooler, Department of Art History


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Shwedagon TempleRangoon, Burma

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Thai Fishermen

Lecture TitleSpoken and Written Languages of Southeast Asia

Professor John Hartman, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

Lecture Titles: 
Mahabharata outline
Wayang outline
Mahabharata & Ramayana
Wayang slide show

Professor Patricia Henry, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature


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Javanese Wayang

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi, Vietnam

Lecture Title: Colonialism in Southeast Asia

Professor Eric Jones, Department of Political Science

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Lecture Titles: 
Development and the Quality of Life
Development and the Quality of Life (11/03)

Professor Dwight King, Department of Political Science


Lecture Title:  The Prehistory of Southeast Asia

Professor Michael Kolb, Department of Anthropology


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East Java, Indonesia

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Kuala Lumpur Railroad Station

Lecture Titles: 
Khmer Rouge Period in Cambodia
Contemporary Cambodia

Professor Judy Ledgerwood, Department of Anthropology



Lecture Titles: 
Contemporary Eastern Indonesia
The Republic of East Timor becomes Asia's Newest Nation on May 20, 2002

Professor Andrea Molnar, Department of Anthropology

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Fruit Vendor in Bali, Indonesia

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Typical Fishing Village, Indonesia

Lecture Title:  World War II in Southeast Asia

Dr. Arlene Neher, External Programming


Lecture Titles: 
Southeast Asia
Contemporary Burma
Contemporary Vietnam
Contemporary Thailand
How Communist Vietnam Lost the Peace
Vietnam War

Professor Clark Neher, Department of Political Science


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Wat Arun, Temple of Dawn, Bangkok, Thailand

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Typical Fishing Village, Indonesia

Lecture Titles: 

Dr. Catherine Raymond
Department of Art History


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An elder with child, Philippines

Lecture Titles
Headhunting in Southeast Asia
Contemporary Philippines
Political and Cultural Geography of Southeast Asia

Islam: A Worldwide Religion and Its Impact in Southeast Asia
Christianity in the Philippines
Vietnam: Timeline of Events to 1974

Professor Susan Russell, Department of Anthropology


Lecture Title:  Conflict and Cooperation in Southeast Asia

Professor Ladd Thomas, Department of Political Science


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Philippine Fishing Boat, Batangas Bay

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Buddhist Monastery, Mandalay, Burma

Lecture Title: Colonialism and Nationalism in Southeast Asia

Scenes of Burma in the 1970's and 1980's

  • Part I - Rangoon
  • Part II - Mandalay, The Burmese Heartland
  • Part III - Pegu, Taunggyi, and Village Burma

Professor Constance Wilson, Department of History

Lecture Title: Colonialism and Nationalism in Southeast Asia
                        Who Governs in Southeast Asia
Rey Ty


Lecture Title:
Material Culture of Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia Through Textiles  

Ann Wright Parsons
Director, Anthropology Museum



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Shwedagon TempleRangoon, Burma

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Tanah Lot Temple, Bali, Indonesia

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Balinese Rice Farmer, Indonesia

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Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

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