1. Use the key for "`" or "~" to add a "yá yiq" to the following consonant scripts.  Remember that "`" is for a small "yá yiq" (   ) and "~" is for a big "yá yiq" ( ြ  ).  Although "yá yiq" follows a consonant in handwriting, one needs to type it first in typewriting.

Example:    က             ကြ                             







2.   How do you spell the following clustered consonants?  Attach the correct romanized spellings provided below to each of them.

[kájì yá yiq, khá gwè yá yiq, gángeh yá yiq, pázauq yá yiq, phá ouq htouq yá yiq, bálâchaiq yá yiq, má yá yiq]

Example: ကြ                  kájì yá yiq

1. ဂြ

2. ပြ

3. မြ

4. ခြ

5. ဖြ


3.   Attach the correct romanized pronunciation provided below to each of the following scripts.

[cá, chá, já, pjá, phjá, bjá, mjá]

Example: ဂြ                 

1. ကြ

2. ပြ

3. မြ

4. ခြ

5. ဗြ