Here are some loan-words written with the nasalized vowel   န်/ မ် /   [an].


လန်ဒန် London (Eng)
အမေရိကန် American (Eng)
စတုဂံ square (Pali)
မဒမ် madam(Eng)
သံဃာ monk (Pali) 


You will read the word မန်းတလေး as [màn tá lè] when you are reading as it is written, but it is sometimes read or said [màn dâ lè] and sometimes [màn nâ lè].  Notice that the consonant [t] that follows immediately after the nasalized vowel [an] changes to the nasalized consonant [n].  Nasalization of the consonant following after a nasalized vowel usually occurs when a speaker says a word fast. 




သံဃာ [than ga] [than ga]
[than nga]
ပန်းခြံ [pàn jan]

[pàn jan]

[pàn njan]
စန်ဒါ [san da]

[san da]

[san na]


Notice that the syllable မြန် [mjan] of မြန်မာ[mjan ma] is weakened and read as မြမာ [mjâ mja]