Here are some loan-words written with တ်/ပ် "aq" vowel.

ရစ်ချတ် Richard(Eng)
လပ်ကီး lucky (Eng)
ဇရပ် resthouse (Mon)
ဂရပ် graph (Eng)
နဝရတ် nine gems (Pali)


Read the following Burmese sentences yourself first.  Then click the speaker icon on the right and listen. Listen carefully the sound of "ဘူး" in each sentence.  Do they sound the same? You will find the answer in the notes to the Lesson 26.

 သူ မပြောဘူး။  S/He does not speak.

sound.gif (2534 bytes)

 သူ မရေးဘူး။  S/He does not write. sound.gif (2534 bytes)
 သူ မဖတ်ဘူး။  S/He does not read. sound.gif (2534 bytes)
 သူ မရပ်ဘူး။  S/He does not stop. sound.gif (2534 bytes)