Vowel Scripts

 thâwe htò yèchá shé htò

{ ေ ာ ်}

The vowel script { ေ ာ ်} is called   "thâwe htò yèchá shé htò" and prounced [aw]. If you combine the consonant { } and the vowel script { ေ ာ ်} , you will write { မော်} and read it [maw]. Notice that   the consonant script is written between "thâwe htò" and "yèchá shé htò". Listen how to spell out and read the following combinations: 

ကျော် to be famous Click Here !!!
တော် to stop Click Here !!!
ပေါ် to appear Click Here !!!
ပျော် to be happy Click Here !!!
မော် to look upward  Click Here !!!