Here are some loan-words written with ယ် "eh" vowel. 

ရယ်ဒီ ready (Eng:)
ဂျယ်လီ Jelly(Eng:)
ဟယ်ရီ Harry (Eng:)
ရီဟာဇယ် rehearsal (Eng:)
အကယ်ဒမီ Academy (Eng:) 

As noted in Lesson 16, - ည် could be read as [i], [e] or [eh].  Therefore - ည်  and -ယ် are interchangeable in some cases as in the sentence ending မည် and မယ်, although the first spelling is found in the literary sentences and the latter in the colloquial sentences.


Notice the weakened vowels and voiced consonants while you are listening to the reading lessons.