1. Use the key for "Y" to add a "yá pín wáhswèh" to the following consonant scripts.

Example:    က             ကျွ                             



3.  က


2.   How do you spell the following clustered consonants?  Attach the correct romanized spellings provided below to each of them.

[kájì yápín wáhswèh], [khágwè yápín wáhswèh], [gángeh yápín wáhswèh]  

Example: ဂျွ                  [gángeh yápín wáhswèh] 

1. ချွ

2. ကျွ

3. ဂျွ


3.   Attach the correct romanized pronunciation provided below to each of the following scripts.

[cwá, chwá, jwá]

Example:   ချွ                  chwá

1. ဂျွ

2. ကျွ

3. ချွ