Lesson 9

The concert

The telephone: Ring! Ring! Ring!

Mother: The phone's ringing. I'm busy now. Somebody pick it up.

Son: Yes mother, I'll get it right away. ( He answers the phone) Hello? Who do you want to speak with?

Voice: May I speak to Kyi Kyi?

Son: Sure, one moment please. I'll call her. Kyi Kyi!, it's for you.

Kyi Kyi: Alright, I'm coming. (She picks up the receiver) Hello, Who it is?

Voice: It's me!

Kyi Kyi: Who?

Voice: This is Mya Mya. Don't you recognize my voice?

Kyi Kyi:  I didn't know it was you. Well?

Mya Mya: We are going to watch a pwe tonight. Do you want to go with us.

Kyi Kyi: Where? and whose pwe?

Mya Mya: In Kyaikkasan. The Shwe Man Pwe.

Kyi Kyi: Have you bought a mat yet?

Mya Mya: Yes, I've already bought one. It's at a reasonable distance from the orchestra. Have you ever seen that pwe before?

Kyi Kyi: Of course! Both actors and actresses are great. The comedians are also very good and funny.

Mya Mya: They said the play is good tonight. I'll sleep after it, I don't want to watch anything except the play anyway. Well, are you coming with us or not?

Kyi Kyi: Hold on, I'm going to ask my mother. Mother! Mya Mya's inviting me to watch the pwe tonight. Can I go with her?

The mother: Okay, you can go.

Kyi Kyi: I'll go with you. I've gotten a permission from my mother.

Mya Mya: Good! Get ready early and don't forget your handkerchief!

Kyi Kyi: Why?

Mya Mya: You'll cry if the story's sad. Okay! That's it ! I'm hanging up and bye!

Kyi Kyi: Bye!