Lesson 8


        Mandalay is the second largest city in Burma. It is situated in the middle part of the country. The city was the capital of the last Burmese king. Today, one can still see the old palace, the city wall and the moat.

        The mandalay mountain is situated in the north of the moat. One can view the whole city from the top of the mountain. It is very pleasant to see any direction from it.

        There are many ancient pagodas around Mandalay. One can visit famous pagodas like Maha Myatmuni, Kyauktaw Gyi. Besides, the city is full of ancient art crafts. All are very interesting. The whole Burmese culture was preserved in Mandalay.

        Moreover, there are many business enterprises in the city. Both the goods from China and those from India-Burma border come to Mandalay first. Therefore, the products of China as well as India are readily available in the city. Mandalay Zaycho bazaar is famous in the country.

        Thus, nowadays, Mandalay is more flourishing than before.