A letter to a friend

Dear friend:

        I received your letter. I was pleased to hear that you want to visit Myanma. I will answer a little bit regarding your question about the places worth seeing in the country.

        You will notice Shwe Dagon Pagoda as soon as you arrive Rangoon. It is always glittering with gold and can be seen from distance. There are also other attractions such as National History Museum, the Zoo, Karawait hotel and so on near the pagoda.

        The most popular tourist attraction in Burma is Bagan city. The city is about 900 years old and a bit more than 400 miles from Rangoon. You can see numerous pagodas anywhere in Bagan. Although some pagodas were damaged due to an earthquake, many remain untouched. Of course, some have already been renovated. Since the city is near the Irrawaddy river, the scenery is also beautiful.

        Still, there are many other interesting places in the country. We will visit those places when you arrive here. I will take you everywhere. It is best if you can come here during the cold season.

        Write to me before you come.

With best wishes

Tin Tun