Lesson 6

Min Yaza 2

        Thus the king summoned Nga Nyo. His wife had to go and bring him. She was afraid because it was a king's order.

        At the same time, Nga Nyo had just finished ploughing and was reading while taking a rest.

        Nga Nyo was delighted when his wife told him about the King's summon. He untied his oxen and said; "You are free to go!"  His wife was amazed.

        When Nga Nyo met the King, he said;

        "My lord, that is not a nat-house. In fact, it is a statue of the queen of an ancient king. There is another statue in the embankment, a golden one. It was buried in it because it was made of gold. The ancient king arranged this because he was so fond of his queen who died at this place. However, the people thought it was a nat house and paid homage."

        Then, the king ordered them to dig the embankment. They did find the golden statue. The king was so pleased that he appointed Nga Nyo his minister with the title of "Min Yaza."

        Min Yaza became a famous Myanma wise man.