Lesson 5

Min Ya Za 1

        Once upon a time, there was a young man in Wun Zin village. His name was Nga Nyo. Nga Nyo had been spending his time reading since he was young. He read while he was working as well as taking a rest. He read all kinds of writings he found. That's why he was named " Sato Nga Nyo" (Nga Nyo the short pieces of literature) by people. The villagers had to ask Nga Nyo whenever they wanted to know something.

        Nga Nyo's girl friend was a daughter of the village headman. The headman did not admire Nga Nyo because he was neither a royal servant nor he could do hard labor as other villagers did. Therefore, he did not approve Nga Nyo for his daughter. However, since the daughter was so fond of Nga Nyo that the headman finally had to allow her to marry him.

        Nga Nyo continued reading as before even after the marriage.

        One day, a king arrived at Wun Zin village. He found a nat-house on the embankment of the lake near the village. The king asked the history of the nat-house to the villagers. But nobody could answer the question. Nobody was as knowledgeable as Nga Nyo was. Therefore, the villagers replied: "Nga Nyo would know the answer, your Majesty"