The National Day.

    The 10th waning day of the month of Tazaungmone is the National Day.

    On that day, Myanma people observe the National Day throughout Myanmar. To commemorate the National Day, the people enjoy the public lectures, exhibitions and games.

    The country of Myanma fell under the hands of the British in 1885. From that time the British government oppressed the Myanmar people in many ways.

    In 1920, the British government made arrangements to open the Rangoon University. The government also passed the University Act. All Myanma citizens were upset because this act abuses the right of learning of those who wish to obtain the university education. Therefore the university students led a boycott.

    Rangoon University Students strike stretched out all over the country and the schools away from Yangon also boycotted. They founded the National College and the National schools. These schools motivated more nationalism. The study of the national literature developed.

    From that time, Myanmar nationalities demanded for independence striking incessantly against the British government. Therefore it is noted that the National Day is the beginning of the independence.

    The day that has inspired the nationalism of all the Myanma people is recognized as the National Day. We should not neglect the National Day that triggered our nationalism. We must endeavor to enliven the patriotism by observing the National Day every year.