Lesson 15

Alaung Mintaya

        During the reign of Maharajadipiti the city of Inwa was unstable. Kathehs of Manipur attacked the places in the north of Inwa. Hanthawadi people of the lower Myanmar revolted. Gway Shans of the city of Madaya and Okepho also rebelled.

        At that time, U Aung Zayya, the headman of Mouthsobo fortified his village with the trunks of palm trees for its security. (He) also took forty six neighboring villages under his control. Soon the city of Inwa fell into the hands of the troops from Hanthawadi.

        After seizing Inwa, the Hanthawadi troops, on their way to force the northern villages take an oath of royalty to them, arrived at Mouthsobo. At the same time, the Gway Shan also came to force an oath. U Aung Zayya dealt with both parties agreeably. However, he did not take oath from neither parties. (He) ambushed the Hanthawadi troops on their way back. The Hanthawadi troops had to retreat with heavy causalities.

        Later, Hanthawadi troops returned and attacked Mouthsobo again. However, U Aung Zayya, leading along with his sixty eight comrades, resisted successfully. Then U Aung Zayya was able to unify the Shans and Myanmars of the north. Thus U Aung Zayya's power arose.

        U Aung Zayya, taking the title of " Alaung Mintaya," founded the Konebaung dynasty. (He) built a palace after acclaiming Mouthsobo village as Shwebo. (Myanmar people) use mnmonics of "Oataw aw myi Koneboung ti" for the Myanmar era 1115 (1753 A.D) when the palace was built.

        Alaung Phaya conquered Inwa after consolidating the regions between the Ayyawadi and Chindwin rivers. Then he captured the cities of Pyi, Lunsay and Dagon. He renamed Lunsay and Dagon as "Myanaung" and "Yangon" respectively.

        He succeeded the city of Tanyin after his ninety three selected soldiers penetrated the city which they could not enter earlier because (the enemy) had latest weapons and assistance from the foreigners. After the fall of Thnyin, the city of Hanthawadi was captured easily.

        Alaung Mintayagyi had reunified the country of Myanmar harmoniously thus.

        Myanmar people are still singing the song:

        Yangyi Aung, Konebaung

        Shwebo that has five diferent names

        All the evils destroyed.


        Yatana Theinga that crushes the enemies

        The place of Bowdaw.