Lesson 12


        In time of the King Anawyatha of Bagan period, there were four brave men called Kyansittha, Nga Htway yu, Ngaloun Letpheh and Nyaung Oo Phi. Among them, Kyansittha is especially famous.

        While Kyansittha was working for his brother, king Saw Lu, the enemies captured Saw Lu. The ministers implored Kyansittha to take the kingship. However, he declined. He tried to rescue king Saw Lu from the enemies. The royality of Kyansittha is reported in Myanmar History.

        When Kyansittha became a king, he worked for the betterment of the country. He said he would give foods to the people with his right hand and clothings with his left hand.

        King Kyansittha worked for the unity of the state. With an intention to the unity among Mon and Myanmar people, he bestowed the throne to Alaung Sithu, his grandson, who is of Mon-Myanmar blood (by birth)

        Up to the present, (we) still can see Ananda Temple built by King Kyansittha in Bagan.