Lesson 11

The Debate 2

        Now, as a chair, I'd like to introduce proposer to you. The gentleman sitting on my right  is Saya U Mya Maung, the leader of the proposers. I believe every people in this town know him. He has been serving in this town for several years. He will propose for ten minutes. The writer Maung Khin Min ( Danuphyu) and the singer Daw Sanda Win will second him for five minutes each. The lady sitting on my left is locally well-known writer Daw Ngwai Khet, the leader of the defendants. She will defend for ten minutes. And then, the engineer U Than Tun and Dr U win Thein will recommend her for five minutes each.  As usual, both proposer and defendant will perform alternately.

        The judges will decide by observing their gesture, delivery, diction and facts.

        After both proposers and defendants have finished their performances, anyone from the audience can join this stage. We allow up to six persons to speak not exceeding five minutes each. You can take any side you like.

        Now, the judges have already been seated. Therefore, I invite U Mya Maung to present his proposal.