Lesson 10

The Debate 1

Ladies and gentlemen

        I feel much honored to have the privilege of chairing the tenth anniversary of the writers' day ceremony of our township. Thank you very much. Although we rejoiced plays and musical contests in the previous years, we will present a debate this time.

        As you all know, the title of toady's' debate is " men are more capable in performing duties of a country than women." This has been a popular topic in almost every debate. I believe you have heard it several times.

        In fact, people usually think high of themselves and become proud and conceited. Men usually think they are better than women and vice visa. The more they become proud, the more they underestimate each other. There will be clashes among them.

        In reality, there are many things man can not do and also many tasks women cannot perform. Therefore, there are cases that they have to operate on behalf of each other.  In some cases, both men and women have to work together for productiveness.

        This is my opinion. Still, there will be different ideas. Some may think women are better, and the other may believe men are the best. That's why we are having this debate. Who is more capable in carrying out duties of the country? Men or women? Or are they equal? We will know the answer to these questions after this debate.