ပါ   is used for politeness following a verb at the end of an imperative sentence.  Here ပါ is equivalent with "please."

Verb+ ပါ

verb ပါ
Please verb

လာပါ။   Please come.

ထိုင်ပါ။   Please sit.

Notes:  Some other alternative endings to ပါ  are စမ်း (harsh and more commanding), လေ (insisting) and  နော် (requesting).


V နဲ့ is a sentence pattern for negative imperative sentences.


verb နဲ့
Negative Prefix Verb Negative Imperative Ending
Do not verb.

မလာနဲ့။   Do not come.

မလာပါနဲ့။   Please do not come.

မထိုင်ပါနဲ့။   Please do not sit.



place verb နဲ့
place Negative Prefix verb Negative Imperative Ending
Do not verb at place.

ဒီမှာ မစားနဲ့။   Do not eat here.

ဟိုမှာ မရေးပါနဲ့။   Do not write there.