Bugis (Makassar) Font

Although SEAsite does not have any language materials on the Buginese language (or Makassar, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi), we do have a Windows True Type font for the language, developed by Andi Malarangeng and Jim Henry a few years ago at Northern Illinois University. 

Malaraneng and Henry have jointly declared the font to be in the public domain. However, if you modify it, please rename it before distributing it.

We have added one feature to the font. Because the written language does not include syllable final consonants, it is impossible to transcribe many non- Bugis words, such as "batik". The final 'k' would be 'ka' and so one would be forced to read "batika". We propose that a line under a character be used to mark such a vowel-less consonant. You can type this symbol by typing the underscore character just after typing the consonant to be so marked. So the keystroke sequence for "batik" would be "batik_"

In addition, there is a document by Dr. Jean-Paul Potet that explains how to use the font (i.e. how to type using it).

Download the font

View Potet's explanation of its use.  These 4 pages are gif images to display all fonts and diacritics without needing the fonts on your computer.

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Page 2

Page 3

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