What would you say?

Some of the exercises below are a little different from those you have had previously. Several correct answers to the problem are given, first in Thai and later in English. Your task is to match up each Thai sentence with its corresponding English equivalent.

1. Someone asks you how you like the weather, and you reply:

a. ʔaakàat rɔ́ɔn kəən pay khráp.
b. mʉ̂a fǒn tòk, phǒm mây chɔ̂ɔp khráp.
c. ʔaakàat nǎaw mâak khráp.
d. wanníi ʔaakàat dii khráp.
e. phǒm chɔ̂ɔp ʔaakàat yàaŋ níi khráp.