Point VIII : Some Compounds.


    sĭidam 'black; to be black,' from sĭi 'color, to be colored' + dam 'to be black.'

     sĭikhăaw 'white; to be white,' from sĭi + khăaw 'to be white.'

     sĭinámtaan 'brown; to be brown,' from sĭi + námtaan 'sugar.'  (The term originates, of course, from a reference to a dark-colored kind of sugar.)

     tháhăanbòk 'soldier (member of a land force),' literally, 'land-soldier,' from   tháhăan 'soldier' + bòk 'land (as opposed to water).'

     tháhăanrʉa 'sailor,' literally, 'boat-soldier,' from tháhăanrʉa 'boat.'

     wanníi 'today,' from wan 'day' + níi 'this.'


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