Point VII : Some Special Phrases.


     Special phrases are groups of words having an idiomatic or special meaning which often cannot be obtained by translating each individual word separately.  Some examples of phrases of this sort are:
     duu  năŋ 'to see the movies,' composed of duu 'to look, look at' and năŋ 'movie, movies' (also 'skin, hide').  The ordinary Thai word for 'to see,' which is hĕn, is never used in place of duu in this phrase.  In other words, in Thai people say 'to look at the movies' while in English they say 'to see the movies.'

     kəən  pay 'too (excessively),' composed of  kəən 'to exceed' and pay 'to go.'   This is a descriptive phrase, and so it always follows the word it modifies, as in, phɛɛŋ kəən pay 'too expensive'; maˆak  kəən  pay  'too much.'


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