Point VI : Some Classifiers.


     To find the proper classifier to be used with any given noun which may be counted individually.  Only those classifiers which need special comment are mentioned here.

     khuˆu means 'pair, couple' and is used as the classifier for things occurring in pairs, e.g., rɔɔŋtháaw 'shoes,' as in

rɔɔŋtháaw  sɔ̆ɔŋ  khuˆu 'two pairs of shoes'
rɔɔŋtháaw  khuˆu  năy 'which pair of shoes?'

Although the most common use of this classifier is its use with nouns referring to animals (as you learned in Unit 2), it also has some other kinds of uses.  One of these is its use with the noun sʉˆa 'coat.'


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