I: Vowel Clusters

     Thai has three vowel clusters, ia, ua, and ya, and each cluster forms a single syllable in the same way that a long vowel does.  In repeating the examples of vowel clusters given below, keep in mind the following points:
1) Both vowels of a cluster are even in length and force. Do not
emphasize either vowel at the expense of the other

2) There is no glide sound between the two vowels, and at the same
time there is no break or pause between them.


Now listen carefully to the records and imitate the following words:

      mia       'wife'

audio.gif (957 bytes)

      tua       (classifier for animals) audio.gif (957 bytes)
      rʉa       'boat' audio.gif (957 bytes)
      lìam       'side (as of a triangle)' audio.gif (957 bytes)
      khùan       'to scratch (as a cat)' audio.gif (957 bytes)
      sʉ̀am       'to decline' audio.gif (957 bytes)
      sĭa       'to be spoiled, unfit' audio.gif (957 bytes)
      hŭa       'head' audio.gif (957 bytes)
      nʉ̆a       'to be northern, above' audio.gif (957 bytes)



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