Word Study


Point I      :  Metric system
Point II      :  Train time
Point III    :   Primary and secondary verbs
Point IV    :   The word sĭa
Point V     :  The word waˆa
Point VI    :  The words  nʉk  and khít
Point VII   :  The words  rɛˆɛk and  thiˆinʉ̀ŋ
Point VIII  :  The use of  khun   with terms for relatives
Point IX    :   The word  thaˆn
Point X     :  Omission of pronouns
Point XI    :  Some abbreviations
Point XII   :  Making new words with  kaan-
Point XIII  :  The use of  khráŋ
Point XIV  :  Some classifiers
Point XV   :  Some compounds
Point XVI  :  Some special phrases