Starting in 1958, Thailand was ruled by a one-man military dictatorship
                  under Sarit Tanarat. When he died in 1963, a triumvirate of his henchman
                  took over  and further consolidated military rule. Field Marshall Thanom
                  Kittikachorn was elevated to the dual posts of Prime Minister and Minister
                  of Defense. He placed his son, Narong Kittikachorn, in command of the
                  committee charged with "uncovering corruption," which could be translated
                  as "fund-raising  and blackmail committee," if one were to call it by its
                  primary function. Narong's father-in-law, Prapas Jarusathien, was given
                  the post of Minister of Interior, with complete control over 250,000
                  armed police, in effect a private army . . . more

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