Made in Thailand


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Made in Thailand, the land of us Thai
Collecting antiques, we have had only good things.
Since before Sukhothai, till Lopburi, Ayudhaya, Thonburi,
This period is Bangkok, the city where people fell down (opened) drain.
( Don't go criticizing them.)

Made in Thailand, the land where Thais make things themselves.
Regarding singing songs or playing music, (they) can do (these) profoundly.
Westerners secretly admire (Thai products),but Thais don't see their value,
afraid of being inferior that their values are not fashinable.
(If it's) made in Thailand, then who will auure it, huh?
(I think that there should be someone who's responsible (about this)

Made in Thailand.  You, our fans, will understand (this).
The products that Thais use and make by themselves.
(They) make clothes, pants and jeans,
then are loaded on planes (and sent abroad), only to be imported back..
The Thais get honor(while) Westerners get money.

Made in Thailand!  As soon as (the clothes) are hung up in the stores,
labels are put on, that they were made in Japan.
Then they are sold out quickly with high price,
(people) boast that they come from abroad,
and are fashionable, right from a magazine.
They (foreigners) do not deceive us. 
It's we who deceive ourselves. 

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