redround.gif (1007 bytes) Classification of instruments
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Khryang Ditt: plucked instruments

               redround.gif (1007 bytes)  Khryang Sii: bowed instruments
               redround.gif (1007 bytes)  Khryang Tii: hit or beaten instruments
                          Made of wood
                          Made of metal
                          Made of leather
               redround.gif (1007 bytes)  Khryang Paw: blown instruments   
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redround.gif (1007 bytes)     Classification of instruments

     Thai instruments are classified according to a system said to be borrowed from India in ancient times. Four categories are distinguished according to the human activity producing sound on the given instruments. The words given here for instrument categorization (ditt, sii, tii, paw) are identical to those indicated above as the verbs for playing various instruments. There are many other instruments in the realm of instruments.

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