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ได้ has 3 functions/positions

1. main verb = to get, to receive something

sound06.gif (916 bytes) ได้อะไร

What did you get?
sound06.gif (916 bytes) ฉันได้เงิน I got some money

2. Post verb = can (do something)

sound06.gif (916 bytes) ฉันพูดได้

I can speak.

   The negative is inserted between the main and post-verb.

sound06.gif (916 bytes) ฉันพูดไม่ได้

I cannot speak.

3. Pre-verb = to get to do something

sound06.gif (916 bytes) ฉันได้ไป

I get/got to go.
sound06.gif (916 bytes) ฉันจะได้ไป I will get to go.

  Negative: to deny the occurrence of an action; or not to get to do something

sound06.gif (916 bytes) ฉันไม่ได้ไป

I didn't go/get to go.
sound06.gif (916 bytes) ฉันไม่ได้กิน I didn't eat/get to eat.

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