Maanii Readers: Book I

Content & Characters

1. Maanii, a young Thai schoolgirl

2. Maana, Maanii's older brother

3. Choojai, Maanii's friend

4. Toe, Maanii's dog

5. Sii-thao, Choojai's cat

6. Piti, Maanii's friend

7. Jao Kae, Piti's horse

8. Younger siblings of parents/Aah

9. Mother/Mae

10. Father/Paw


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Lesson 1 (Thai Version)

Maanii has eyes.
A crow has eyes.
Aah (younger uncle/aunt)
Aah has eyes.

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Lesson 2 (Thai Version)

Aah (younger uncle/aunt) has a ricefield.
There is a snake in the field.
There is a crab.
The crow looks at the crab.
The snake looks at the crab.
Maanii comes to Aah’s ricefield.

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Lesson 3 (Thai Version)

There is a snake hole in the field.
There is a crab hole in the field.
Maanii takes Toe to visit Aah.
Maanii takes Toe to the ricefield.
Maanii takes Toe to look for the crab.
Maanii takes Toe to look at the crab.

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Lesson 4 (Thai Version)

Choojai takes Siitao over to Maanii.
Siitao goes over to Toe.
Toe is happy. Siitao is happy too.
Siitao goes to Toe quickly.
Maanii is happy. Choojai is happy too.
Maanii comes over to Choojai quickly.

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Lesson 5 (Thai Version)

Toe has eyes.
Toe has legs.
Toe has ears.
What’s on Toe’s ear?
Toe rubs his ear with his leg (takes his leg to rub his ear).
He rubs back and forth.
Toe rubs his ear quickly.

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Lesson 6 (Thai Version)

A field crab is black.
Toe has a black ear also.
There is a field crab on his ear.
Maanii is going to hit the field crab.
The field crab goes inside the hole.
Maanii pours medicine on Toes ear.
Maanii applies it gently.
Toe rubs his ear with his leg (takes his leg to rub his ear).

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Lesson 7 (Thai Version)

Choojai makes a fist.
What is Choojai holding in her hand?
Maanii asks to look at Choojai’s hand.
What is in Choojai’s hand?
Choojai opens her hand.
Maanii looks at Choojai’s hand.

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Lesson 8 (Thai Version)

What is Choojai holding?
Choojai is holding a bow in her hand.
Choojai raises the bow.
Maanii looks at the bow in Choojai’s hand.
Maanii opens her hand to ask for the bow.
Toe cranes his neck to look at the bow.
Toe wants to take the bow in Choojai’s hand. 
Maanii scolds Toe.

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Lesson 9 (Thai Version)

Siitao looks at the lotus leaves.
Choojai looks at Siitao.
Siitao cranes his/her neck to look at the lotus leaves.
What is clinging to the lotus leaf?
What is Siitao busily looking at? 
Choojai goes to Siitao.
What is Choojai looking at that is clinging to the lotus leaf?

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Lesson 10 (Thai Version)

Choojai scratches Siitao’s neck gently.
Siitao stretches her/his neck with satisfaction.
Maanii laughs.
Toe comes over to Maanii.
Maanii scratches Toe’s head.
Toe stretches his neck happily.
Choojai laughs.
Maanii is satisfied.

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Lesson 11 (Thai Version)

Piti is riding a horse.
He holds the horse’s neck.
He bends his knees when he rides.
Maanii looks at Piti riding the horse.
This horse is old.
Piti has given it the name, "Jao Kae."
Toe looks at Jao Kae.
Siitao also looks at Jao Kae.

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Lesson 12 (Thai Version)

Jao Kae comes towards Toe.
Jao Kae’s legs look awkward (akimbo).
Toe barks at Jao Kae.
Maanii scolds Toe (so as to) not let him bark.
Toe, then, doesn’t bark.
Jao Kae goes towards Siitao.
Siitao threatens by hissing.
Choojai scolds Siitao (so as) not let her threaten.
So, Siitao doesn’t threaten.
Jao Kae is pleased.

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Lesson 13 (Thai Version)

Piti says that he took Jao Kae to the mountains.
On the mountains, there are a lot of things worth looking at.
There are birds, bears, and squirrels.
On the mountains, there are a lot of monkeys.

Maanii and Choojai are pleased.
Maanii says, "We should go to the mountains."
Choojai says, We should go.
We will get to see a lot of things.
Piti says, "I can take you there.
Early in the morning, (you), Maanii and Choojai, come and wait here.
(I), Piti, and Jao Kae will take you there."

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Lesson 14 (Thai Version)

Piti says that his father met a tiger on the mountain.
The fierce tiger was not pleased ro have us in its way.
When Maanii knew that there was a tiger, she said,
"If we meet a tiger, that will be terrible."
Choojai says, "If we know there is a tiger, we shouldnt go."
Maanii says, "Wait until later to have father take us there."
Piti says, "We’d better wait to have father take us there."

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Lesson 15 (Thai Version)

Piti says, "I will take Jao Kae home."
Father says, "Do not stay long; otherwise, I will scold you."
Piti says goodbye to Maanii and Choojai.
Jao Kae also says goodbye to Toe and Siitao.
Choojai will take Siitao home.
Maanii says, "If you pass my house, stop by."
Maanii points to have then look at her house.
"There is a Jampee tree at my house."
Piti and Choojai say that soon they will drop by.

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Lesson 16 (Thai Version)

Maanii takes Toe home.
Maanii comes in towards Father.
Father has been lying under Jampee tree.
Father has been reading a fable.
Father says, "I have been waiting for you for a long time.
What have you been doing/up to?"
Maanii tells him that she went to meet Choojai and Piti.
Piti said that there were a lot of things worth looking at on the mountain.
There were birds, monkeys, squirrels, bears.
Maanii asks father to take her there / (Maanii asks to have her father take her there).
Father says, "I will."

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Lesson 17 (Thai Version)

Mother wears a light blue blouse; (she) is carrying/holding a mat and a plate of mangoes.
Maanii sees Mother, then, she is happy.
Maanii asks for the mat and spreads it out for Mother to sit on.
Toe then lies on the mat.
Mother puts the plate of mangoes down for Maanii.
Maanii eats the mangoes in the plate.
Mother says, "What have (you) Maanii been doing/up to? 
Father has been waiting for you for a long time."
Manii says, "I met Choojai and Piti.
He told (me) that he went to the mountain.
There are a lot of things worth looking at on the mountain.
Father says, "If I am free, I will take you there."

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Lesson 18 (Thai Version)

Maanii says, "Maanii (I) will go to Choojai’s grandmothers house.
Mother, why don’t I have any Grandmother?"
Mother says, "(You) Maanii has a grandmother, but she doesn’t live here.
(I) Mother will take Maanii to visit Grandmother.
At Grandmother’s house, there is Paah (older aunt) and Loong (older uncle)."
Maanii is happy, embraces Mother and says,
"(I) Maanii is happy that (I) Maanii will get to go visit Grandmother."
Mother says, "If we visit Grandmother, (I) will let Naah (younger aunt) stay and look after the house.
Maanii says, "(I) Maanii will take Grandmother to live here."
Father laughs, "Heu, heu!"
Mother says, "If Maanii can take Grandmother here, it/that will be good."

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Lesson 19 (Thai Version)

Maana walks in.
His shirt belonging to him is black and smudged.
His face is also dirty.
As soon as Toe sees Maana, he is then happy;
he leaps out at Maana (and) that makes Maana fall and lie flat on the ground.
Toe is going to lick Maana’s dirty cheeks.
Mother scolds Toe so as not to let him lick and chases him away.
Mother says, "Don’t let Toe lick you; its not good!"
Maana then obeys her.
Mother has Maana go to wash his hands and face.
Maana then follows her order.

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Lesson 20 (Thai Version)

Maanii:     "Mother (politely), when will (I) Manee get to go to school?
Mother:    "Maanii is not grown up. When Maanii is as grown up as (equal to) Maana,
                 Maanii will get to go then."
Maanii:     "What does Pii (older brother or sister) Maana do at school?"
Maana:     "Pii (older brother) goes to learn things."
Maanii:     "It's good to go to school, isn't it?"
Maana:     "Yes!  We get to learn things and have a lot of friends."
Maanii:     "(I) Maanii also has friends named Choojai and Piti."
Maana:     "Piti is also my friend. Choojai is a girl, right?"
Maanii:     "Yes. She doesn’t get to go to school yet."
Maana:     "Next year, (you) Maanii will also get to go to school."
Maanii:     "Next year, Choojai should get to go to school too."

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Lesson 21 (Thai Version)

Father sits and reads a book at the table.
Maanii is carrying a mango in her hand and walking over towards father.
Maanii says, "Father, Maana is going to ride a horse.
Can (I) Maanii go to ride a horse some too?"
Maanii is also eating the mango she is holding.
So, Father says, "Maanii, come here.
Don’t toss things and be messy!"
So, Maanii sits in front of Father’s table.
Father says, "Maanii, if (you) are eating something, don't speak.
It's not nice to look at (not a good manner)."
Maanii heard (Father), (she) is about to throw the mango down under the table.
Father then says, "Don’t throw it here. Take and throw it in the garbage can and wash
your mouth and hands to make them clean. Don't make a mess."
Maanii follows his order as told to her.
Father instructs, "Remember! (In the future, if you) will throw away things, throw them
in the garbage can. So, you won’t get to make a mess."

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Lesson 22 (Thai Version)

Maanii:     "Father, please let (me) Maanii to go to ride a horse, okay?"
Father:    "(You) Maanii can’t go yet. Maanii is a child and Jao Kae is very old.
            He cannot run much. Piti and Maana are going to ride him.
            If Maanii will ride him in addition, two or three people ride him,
            Jao Kae will be in trouble. I will tell you a story."

[N.B. The story is written in the form of a poem. Note the rhymes.]

One day an old horse lay down stretching his neck.
Ten children were waiting, asking every day for a ride.
Some of them said that it was too old, so they wouldn't ride it.
Nine of them together were satisfied, staying home.
One naughty child will ride it.
He took a stick to hit its leg to make it run fast.
The horse rose, but the child was in trouble and fell down flat on the face.
The horse couldn't run and fell down on top of the naughty child."

Father:     "(Maanii) Look, is the horse in trouble?"
Maanii:      " He should not hit the horse. Right, Dad?"
Father:     "Is he a good boy, Maanii?"
Maanii:       "No, he is not."
Father:     "Maanii, can you count how many good boys are there?"
Maanii:       "One two three four five six seven eight nine... nine boys, Dad."
Father:     " How many bad boys are there?"
Maanii:       "One boy"

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