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    Hanuman is by for the most important monkey. Therefore, his mask will be described in detail. Hanuman's mask has many  features which indicate he is a monkey with very special powers. In the Ramakien, Hanuman is Rama's most trusted general. In fact, some scholars say Hanuman is at times more important than Rama (Bowie 1960, p. 212 and Desai 1969, p.127). Hanuman's white mask is highlighted in green and pink. He wears only a coronet so red and gold markings are evident on the top of his head. Hanuman's gaping mouth displays his canine teeth which are usually just features of the demons. His gaping mouth also makes visible the jewel in the roof of his mouth. The jewel is a symbol of his special powers. Hanuman is the son of the God of Wind and can thus fly through the air. Also, when Hanuman yawns, he exhales suns, moons, and stars. This is the magical power by which people recognize Hanuman, The jewel is sometimes referred to as a "glass canine" thus, Hanuman has five canines.
    Another symbol of Hanuman's special power is the jewel between   his eyebrows. This symbol appears on statues of the Buddha and represents inner energy. Possibly it means the same with regards to Hanuman.

Hanuman: No Ordinary Monkey: An Illustrated Story 




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