As each belligerent had a large number of allies the khon requires a corresponding number of players, various masks for gods (e.g. Siva, Vishnu, and Brahma), demons (even female demons like Samanakkha นางสํามนักขา), Kakanasun (นางกากนาสูร), and the Peesua Samut, and royal men (e.g. Rama and Lakshman).

        Unmarked players are women, apsaras (celestial maiden) and wives and daughters of demons, e.g. Queen Monto (นางมณโฑ) and Suwanamatcha (นางสวรรณมัจฉา). But their costumes must adhere to regulations. However, in the Khon of later or recent periods, portrayers of gods and men have come to discard the mask altogether. The female demon (Yakshina) is now portrayed without a mask, the facial characteristics of a she-demon being painted on. Nowadays only the monkeys, demons, and animals wear masks.