Thai Dictionary - HTML (Web Pages) and Interactive Versions

Note 1: for the SEAsite  interactive Web-based one-word-at-a-time Thai Dictionary, go to Interactive On-Line Dictionary. You will need to paste or type the word you want to look up.  This interactive dictionary will be updated with new words from time to time.  The html (web page) version shown below will not be updated.


Note 2: Both the interactive and html (Web Pages) dictionaries are encoded in Unicode. The Table of Contents for the html version (shown below) is also Unicode.

therefore, all of these need a computer capable of displaying Unicode fonts such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and certain Mac configurations. 

They do not use the SEAsite ThaiTTF or ThaiEng fonts.

Each link below will display one section of a Thai dictionary.  Each of these is displayed as a very large Web page, and hence, they may take quite some time to load on your computer, especially if you are using a modem.

Once loaded, you can save each page to your local hard disk and then view it more quickly later in your browser.

You should choose File/Save As and make sure that you choose (for IE):

Be sure you remember where you store it so you can find it later.

Then to view a saved dictionary Web page . . .

choose File/Open and then use the Browse button to find, select, and open the page you saved.

Many thanks to Dr. Rob Cutler for re-encoding the old Dictionary pages as Unicode.

Main Thai Dictionary - For faster loading time, the main Thai dictionary is divided into 17 parts:

Part 1 Words Through กุลีกุจอ
Part 2 Words กุศล Through ค้นคว้า
Part 3 Words คนกลาง Through เครื่องแบบ
Part 4 Words เครื่องปรับอากาศ Through ชั่วขณะ
Part 5 Words ชั่วแต่ Through ตระเวน
Part 6 Words ตระหนัก Through ทรมาน
Part 7 Words ทรยศ Through นักเรียนประจำ
Part 8 Words นักเลง Through ใบมีดโกน
Part 9 Words ใบรับรอง Through ผ่าน
Part 10 Words ผ่านไป Through เพียงเท่านี้
Part 11 Words เพียงพอ Through ยังงั้นยังงี้
Part 12 Words ยังง้าน Through เร็ว ๆ เข้า
Part 13 Words เร่ง Through วุฒิสภา
Part 14 Words วุฒิสมาชิก Through สี
Part 15 Words สีกา Through หัวคำ
Part 16 Words หัวคิด Through อีกต่อไป
Part 17 Words อีกต่อไป  Through   ฯลฯ