The following links are video clips of funny Thai advertisements

1.      Good for counting and asking, “How much?”  Man, who has diarrhea, runs into a convenience store to get a packet of tissue.  The cashier is an old lady who is very slow.  He can’t wait, poops in his pants, needs to buy briefs.

2.     About a family enjoying a picnic lunch and different kinds of “phi” (ghosts) come by and bother them.  The little boy begins by asking, “Father, what kind of thing is that?”    If you buy Sylvania bulbs, you won’t be scared at night!

3.  “You forgot to pay the electric bill.” When the lights go out, it’s scary. KrungThai Bank

4.  “Go-getter” takes advantage of a Bangkok traffic jam to sell newspapers and garlands.  This is an ad for “Black Up Coffee.”

5.  Ask for Heineken beer. Girl with long fingernails expects her boyfriend to open a beer can for her.  He opens it and drinks it himself.

6. Man buys a hot dog to eat but won’t share it with a hungry dog.  The dog barks as a truck is about to hit him and saves his life. They become buddies.

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