FLTH 203-204 Syllabus (5 Credit Hours per semester)

Prof. Hartmann

Class Schedule:                 TBA

Lang. Lab. Instruction:     TBA

Required Texts:                  Thai for Beginners and Thai for Intermediate Learners (for practicing all 4 skills). These texts can be purchased online, e.g. Amazon.
                                               Thai Reader (online:http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Thai/thaireader/frameset.htm)
                                               Thai-English Student’s Dictionary by Mary Haas (to be ordered from Amazon.com

Course Objectives:             To build on the skills acquired in Beginning Thai but at an accelerated pace, which is afforded
                                               by the smaller class size. Acquisition of new vocabulary will be tested in pop-quizzes; each
                                               student will be expected to use the Mary Haas Thai English dictionary with skill by the end of
                                               the semester. Detailed instructions on the use of the dictionary can be found on
                                               www.seasite.niu.edu/thai (see Overview).

                                              You will need to memorize dialogs for role playing and free conversation based on
                                              the contents in Thai for Beginners and/or Thai for Intermediate Learners.

                                              Thai Reader: You practice reading them aloud to yourself so that your fluency will improve over
                                              the course of the semester. This means that you will need to listen to them being read over and
                                              over, imitating the speaker’s rate of reading and pronunciation. Class time will be spent discussing
                                              the content, grammar, and meaning. You should come to class with prepared questions of your
                                              own in Thai,either of a general conversational nature or questions concerning the meaning, use,
                                              translation, grammatical function of words or constructions. The use of English in class is strongly

Individual Project:              In addition to the two texts for listening and speaking  and Thai Reader assignments, each student will be expected to find an
                                             additional learning resource on SEAsite (food, travel. music, news, etc.) to work on outside of
                                             class and to turn in a report on the learning experience. Part of your language training is to become
                                             an independent learner, to go beyond the confines of the classroom.

Grading:                             In addition to the pop-quizzes; there will be a mid-term and final. Class preparation (including
                                             homework) and participation will be graded as well.

                                            Mid-Term                                          30 %
                                            Final                                                   40 %
                                            Pop Quizes                                        10%
                                            Class prep/part.                                10%
                                            Individual proj.                                 10%

                                            A:                   100-90
                                            B:                      89-80
                                            C:                      79-70
                                            D:                      69-60
                                            Failing:             59 and below