How to do an e-mail Quiz:

When you start an e-mail, you will be asked to enter an ID and your name. If you are registered in a SEAsite-supported class (at Northern Illinois University or another cooperating school), enter your Social Security Number. If you are not registered, you may use a guest ID of 111-11-1111 (if you use a guest ID, your results will not be e-mailed to a teacher).

Next, a series of multiple choice questions or short answer questions will be presented. You answer the multiple choice
questions by clicking on one of the answers. Answer the short answer questions by typing in the answer. In some cases, the
quiz author will allow you to check your answer immediately; in other cases, you will not be able to check your answer until the end of the quiz. Some questions play an audio segment - either automatically when the question comes up or under your
control by clicking on the "Play" button. If the "Play" button is grayed out, there is no audio for this question. If it is not grayed
out, you can click it any time to repeat the audio.

At the end of the quiz, you (usually) will be able to review all the questions and your answers. You can also supply comments
or questions that can be emailed to your teacher (if you are registered). In many cases (again, if you are registered) the quiz
author will have arranged for your quiz results to be automatically emailed to your teacher. Your teacher will be able to tell you
which quizzes are emailed and which are not.



This space shows a quiz in java-enabled browsers.