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Vocabulary Practice 1

Vocabulary Practice 2

Short Answer Quiz


A.   Vocabulary Practice 1

Study the picture below, and learn the names of family members in Tagalog. Click on the green audio button to listen to the narration and words.  Then, use the Flash Card Game to learn the words.

turqball.gif (579 bytes)Ang Pamilya  ni Ginang Rosa Tagalog

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turqball.gif (579 bytes)1. tatay
turqball.gif (579 bytes)2. nanay
turqball.gif (579 bytes)3. lolo
turqball.gif (579 bytes)4.  lola
turqball.gif (579 bytes)5.  ate
turqball.gif (579 bytes)6.  kuya
turqball.gif (579 bytes)7.  panganay na anak
turqball.gif (579 bytes)8.  bunso
turqball.gif (579 bytes)9.   tita
turqball.gif (579 bytes)10. tito
turqball.gif (579 bytes)11. pinsan
turqball.gif (579 bytes)Sino ang miyembro ng
    pamilya na wala sa larawan?



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B.   Vocabulary Practice 2

Srambled Words

Do the scrambled word activity below.   Unscramble the letters, and take the short answer quiz below to write the correct Tagalog words.                            

1.  yatat 6.  tati
2.  aynan 7.  yuka
3.  eta 8.  lalo
4.  bunos 9.  olol
5.  toti 10. payalim

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C.   Short Answer Quiz

redball.gif (371 bytes)Click on the red button for instruction on how to take this quiz.

Open Class Discussion

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