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turqball.gif (579 bytes)     Saan ka galing Boy?


turqball.gif (579 bytes)     Sa bahay po.


BB. SANTOS: turqball.gif (579 bytes)  Ate Linda, saan ka pupunta?
ATE LINDA: turqball.gif (579 bytes)   Diyan sa may kanto. 

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A very common greeting in Tagalog is turqball.gif (579 bytes)Saan ka pupunta? (Where are you going?) or turqball.gif (579 bytes)Saan ka galing?  (Where did you come from?).

This may be interpreted by foreigners as being a nosey question, but it is actually a very informal greeting equivalent to "hello" or "how are you?" in English.  The response to this greeting need not indicate exactly where the addressee is going to or has come from.  A vague expression, turqball.gif (579 bytes)diyan lang, meaning "over there" or   "just there," will suffice.

Another familiar greeting is turqball.gif (579 bytes)Hoy! which can be translated in English as "Hi."  It is also used as an attention-getter like the English word "Hey!"  In this sense, as in English, the word is never used in situations requiring respect for the one spoken to.

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