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Listening and
Pronunciation Exercise

Vocabulary Exercise

Study the following verbs that describe what someone wants and does not want to do.   Click on the green button to listen to an audio showing how these words are used in sentences.  You can repeat after the speaker for practice. 


turqball.gif (579 bytes)uminom

turqball.gif (579 bytes)kumain

turqball.gif (579 bytes)umupo

turqball.gif (579 bytes)tumayo

turqball.gif (579 bytes)bumilang

turqball.gif (579 bytes)kumanta

turqball.gif (579 bytes)lumakad

turqball.gif (579 bytes)magtenis

turqball.gif (579 bytes)manood

turqball.gif (579 bytes)lumabas

turqball.gif (579 bytes)pumasok

turqball.gif (579 bytes)bumasa

turqball.gif (579 bytes)sumayaw

turqball.gif (579 bytes)tumakbo

turqball.gif (579 bytes)umalis

turqball.gif (579 bytes)maglinis

turqball.gif (579 bytes)matulog

turqball.gif (579 bytes)makinig

turqball.gif (579 bytes)maglaba

turqball.gif (579 bytes)maglaro

turqball.gif (579 bytes)magturo

turqball.gif (579 bytes)magsalita

turqball.gif (579 bytes)magpasyal

turqball.gif (579 bytes)magluto

turqball.gif (579 bytes)magtrabaho

turqball.gif (579 bytes)maligo

turqball.gif (579 bytes)matuto

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Click on a Tagalog word and match it with an English word.   If a word matches an identical image appears on each box.  Have fun!


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